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Essential features


  • All of your customers and prospects visible on the GoogleMap map.
  • Different colors to identify the status of your customers.
  • Search for prospects via the Google map and automatic filling of the customer file.
carte Moovago marqueurs client
CRM Moovago gestion base de données clients

Customer card

  • Viewable / editable online.
  • Stored on secure cloud (located in Europe).
  • Document space to store files on your customer files (photos, pdf, doc, xls).
  • Monitoring and history of the commercial relationship (reports, tasks).v

Task management, to-do lists and reminders

  • A list summarizes your tasks, reminders and reminders.


  • Simple and fast management.


  • Automatic synchronization between web and mobile versions.
Logiciel CRM commercial tâches rappels
Agenda Moovago


  • Find all the tasks, appointments, reminders on the application.
  • Synchronize them in your electronic diary.
  • View your appointments on the Moovago map.

Route planner

  • Plan your day and plan the customers and prospects to see.
  • Know in advance how long your journeys will take.
  • Save time planning where you need to go.
tournée commerciale avec Moovago
Moovago taches

Quick and easy customization​

  • Only 6 elements to customize to adapt it to your activity and use Moovago.
  • Quickly editable online.
  • Segment your customer portfolio with keywords.
  • Customize the functions of your contacts.

Meeting reports & notes

  • Speed ​​of entering reports with checkboxes.
  • Record or dictate your notes quickly.
  • Sharing of tasks between users of the same team.
Moovago compte-rendu
Gérer son chiffre d'affaire commercial


  • Clear view of data by company at a glance.
  • Compare your turnover this year with those of previous years.
  • Easily import your turnover from an Excel file.

Recurring tasks

  • Create recurring tasks for each of your companies.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or even annually.
  • One configuration for life.
Tâches récurrentes Moovago
Agenda Moovago

Timetable / Planning

  • Visual preview of upcoming appointments.
  • Quickly create new appointments.
  • Synchronize with your other calendars.

Expo (merchandising)

  • Manage a product catalog.


  • Keep the history of distributed samples to manage your commercial reminders.


  • Track and recover your POS tools.
logiciel de merchandising gratuit
logiciel suivi affaires commerciales

Deals management

  • Create and manage your business opportunities.


  • Easily track the progress of your business deals.


  • Prioritize reminders based on the expected closing date.


  • Integrate quotes from your company or your suppliers / brands.


  • Estimate revenue entries using closing probability rates.

Database queries and filters

  • List your criteria.
  • Filter the database.
  • Generate your list in spreadsheet format.
  • Select different filter criteria.
  • See the filtered companies on the map or in a table.
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