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Privacy policy

When you use our Moovago application (“moovago.app” website and Android and iOS mobile applications), you trust us to process your data. These privacy policies are intended to tell you what information we collect, for what reasons, and how we use it. These rules are important and we hope you will take the time to read them carefully.

The application uses certain Google (Google Inc) services which require the collection and use of some of your personal data as indicated below:


“Google Analytics 4 (GA4)” (Google Inc.)

This service allows us to analyze the mode in which you use the application, with the ability to monitor it.

To operate, these services are provided according to your personal data:


Google Analytics uses data to provide analytical and attribution information. The precise information collected may vary depending on the device and the environment.

For further information, see Data collection.

Data storage: Google Analytics stores all data associated with public identifiers (for example, the Android public ID and the iOS public ID (IDFA)) for 60 years and has stored aggregated reports and data from the current campaign automatic timing.

“Firebase Crashlytics” (Google Inc.)

This service consents to bug analysis, errors and abnormal arrests if verified when using Moovago and rendering Moovago more user friendly.

To operate, this service is corrected and listed:

  • it says “UUID of installation” and it says “ID of Firebase installation”
  • incident sign

For further information, consult Privacy and security in Firebase (Firebase Crashlytics section)

“Autenticazione Firebase” (Google Inc.)

This service allows us to identify you and authenticate your access to the service, in order to provide you with the service to which you have subscribed.

To function, this service collects the following data:

  • Your email address
  • Your password
  • your user agent
  • your IP address

This data allows your authentication and helps to strengthen security and prevent abuse during connection and authentication.

Data Retention: Firebase authentication retains recorded IP addresses for a few weeks. It retains other authentication information until the associated user is deleted, after which the data is deleted from live systems and backup systems within 180 days.

For more information, see Privacy and security in Firebase (Firebase Authentication section)

“Firebase Remote Configuration” (Google Inc.)

This service allows you to retrieve technical data necessary for the operation of the application.

To function, this service collects the following data:

  • your “Firebase installation ID”

For more information, see Privacy and security in Firebase (Firebase Remote Configuration section)

“Firebase cloud messaging” (Google Inc.)

This service allows us to send notifications (messages) to your mobile devices.

To work, this service collects your “Firebase installation ID”.

For more information, see Privacy and security in Firebase (Firebase Cloud Messaging section)

“Cloud Storage for Firebase” (Google Inc.)

This service allows us to store your documents (files) that you upload to the application. This service is based on the Google Cloud Storage service.

For more information, see Google Cloud Privacy Statement (as it relates to the Google Cloud Platform service and specifically Cloud Storage for Firebase)

“Firebase” and Google Cloud comply with the GDPR. More information here.

Firebase Service Data is personal data that Google collects and generates in the course of providing and administering the Firebase Services. This does not include Customer Data and Google Cloud Service Data. Google uses Firebase service data in accordance with its Privacy Policy and applicable terms of service. Learn more

The data you enter or import into the application is stored in our databases. These databases are hosted in data centers located in France.


These Privacy Rules may change. Installation and use of the application constitutes acceptance of these rules without restriction. If you do not accept them, please do not install, update, or run the application.

We will post any changes to the privacy policy on this page.