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Logiciel CRM commercial


For commercial agent, sales representative, salesperson or independent.

Limited to 2 users.

90 €
excl. tax per user / month, annual payment
CRM pour équipe commerciale

Commercial team

For VSEs, commercial agencies and companies employing traveling salespeople.

90 €
excl. tax per user / month, annual payment

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Use on web, tablet and mobile.

Application downloadable from Apple Store and Play Store.

GoogleMap® map with geolocated markers.

500 markers included per user then 1 € excl. tax / month for 500 additional markers

Contact tab.

Phone contact recovery.


Plan your day

Status => Suspect / Prospect / Client

Multi-client management and customizable client segmentation.

Data security via the cloud.

storage in Europe.

Visual warning on the map.

Tasks / Reminders / Appointment by marker

Notification on Mobile.

Timetable​ / Schedule.

synchronization with Google calendar, Apple and Outlook.


Data recovery in spreadsheet form

Filters via the map and via the list of companies.

Updates included.

Sharing of the "good plans" of the commercial*.

Assistance via email response within 48 hours.

Route on Waze or Google Map.

Import user database.

Via your Excel file. If carried out by our care 150€ HT of service costs.


under certain conditions.

Team mode and role management.

3€ excl. tax / month annual payment / user.

Customizable Dashboard.


Set-up costs + monthly fee