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What are B2B and B2C? Definition, examples, differences

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B2B is the acronym for Business to Business. It is a type of business relationship in which businesses provide goods or services to other businesses.

B2C is the acronym for Business to Consumer. It is a type of business relationship in which businesses provide goods or services to individuals.


What is the meaning of B2B?

B2B is a very common type of business and is very common within companies.

Businesses sell products and offer services that specifically meet the needs of particular customers who are other businesses and not individuals.

A company operating in B2B will be harder to set up than a B2C company because the contracts are generally for higher amounts . Companies must trust each other and have long-term partnerships. 

difficulties to find new customers

In supply chains , this type of business is very common. Companies buy raw materials from other companies to use in their manufacturing process.

In the context of communication, B2B refers to the methods by which employees of different companies can connect with each other through social networks.

Examples of B2B products?

In the products sold in B2B, we can find products that individuals can buy but that companies buy in larger quantities. For example office computers or furniture.

Some products target specific industries, such as machinery equipment, which is not available to individuals.

Examples of B2B services?

B2B services are usually created for specific business needs . You can find customer management software such as CRMs like our Moovago application for salespeople . This software is generally in SAAS . Corporate hazard prevention services. Rental of premises or specific machines.


What is B2C?

B2C is the most frequent  type of business and is very common for all people

Companies sell products and offer services that specifically meet the needs of the population, which are individuals and not companies.

A business operating in B2C can quickly sell products and services and sales can range from very low value to extremely expensive. An individual can purchase a product or service from a business once and never have any dealings with it again.

Examples of B2C products?

The products sold in B2C are all the products that you can in stores or in online businesses . For example, food products that you can find in supermarkets or products that you can find on the FNAC or Amazon sites.

These products target a large audience, the majority of people can potentially buy a package of paws in the supermarket or a pair of shoes on the internet.

example of b2c businesses

Examples of B2C services?

As a service sold in B2C, we can find travel services such as taxis or Uber, online subscription services such as Netflix or quite simply the hairdresser who offers you his service.

After paying for a service you will have no additional material goods. Services are intangible. 

b2b business example

Difference B2B and B2C

Neither is better than the other, they are just different. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. Some services and products are more likely to be sold in one market than another, for example it is virtually impossible to sell an Airbus aircraft to individuals.

They also tend to work differently and offer unique benefits.

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