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What is a potential customer? Potential customer definition

potential customer
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Potential customer definition

A company’s potential customer is usually referred to as a prospect .

It is a person who has the potential to be interested in the services and products that are offered by the company but has not yet purchased. So he’s not a customer.

The term potential customer is extremely vague, it can very well define a person who knows the company and who wants to buy one of their products, like defining a person who could potentially be interested knowing that they have a common characteristic with the majority of the company’s clients, for example, the practice of the same profession.

We will prefer the terms lead , suspect and prospect which give much more information on the potential of the person to become a customer. During each phase of the familiarization of the potential customer with the company, it will thus be able to evolve in the eyes of the company so that it approaches it at the ideal moment.

Once the potential customer makes a purchase, he is called a customer.

We will find 2 main types of potential customers. First, the hot prospect who has expressed interest in the company and the cold prospect who has not yet expressed interest.

Who are my potential customers?

Not everyone is a potential customer of your business or company. The potential customer will be a person who will naturally have the most chance of interacting with the company. For example, for a roofing company, the potential customers will be those who need a new roof for their house.

Identifying potential customers is essential because it will allow the company to better communicate with them and ensure that they become customers.

It may be interesting to use the company’s current customers to find potential customers. Current customers will express what the product or service did for them and why they bought it. This information can allow the company to communicate better and more easily to potential customers because it knows their problems.

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