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10 ERP Statistics In 2022

Statistiques sur les ERP
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ERP statistics

It is undeniable that ERP has become an indispensable tool for companies. The need to compete in a dynamic and increasingly interconnected world has led to the explosive surge in its use, no market has been spared and it is often for the best. Let’s understand the ERP market together by looking at ERP statistics.

1. 88% companies consider their ERP implementation to be a success. (Selecthub)​

2. 14% of companies moved from a legacy system to an ERP between 2019-2020. (Hubspot)

3. More than 80% of ERPs are in SAAS (on the cloud). (Hubspot)

4. Only 27% of employees use the implemented ERP system.(Softwarepath)

5. The average budget per user for an ERP implementation is 8,265 dollars or around 6,926 euros. (Softwarepath)


6. 64% of the budgets allocated to the implementation of an ERP will be exceeded. (Mentorsunlocked)

7. On average, companies take 17 weeks to choose their ERP. (Softwarepath)

8. There are more than 400 ERP software on the G2 comparison platform. (G2)

9. 80% of developers believe that ERPs will be completely replaced by artificial intelligence or machine learning algorithms. (Evansdata)

10. The main reason behind adopting an ERP is to increase efficiency (Softwarepath)

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